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Full Weekend: $269

Saturday Only: $150

Sunday Only: $150

Wild Fiber - Getting Creative with your Fiber Prep

Saturday November 22nd 10-5

This class is all about preparing fiber in a creative out-of-the-box way. We’ll card batts and rolags with drum carders and blending boards. We’ll comb fiber with hand combs and hackles! We’ll look at layering and blending colors. We'll talk about the function of different tools, while still maintaining the well-being of the machine. Extra cool tips will be shared like how to card rolags on a drum carder and how to diz roving off blending boards and drum carders. We’ll figure out how to prepare fibers to produce specific kinds of yarns, as well as layering texture.

No particular skills are needed if student just wants to learn fiber prep, however spinning or felting knowledge is encouraged. Included materials are assorted fiber for students to use. Students should bring any fibers they’d like to card and are encouraged to bring any fiber prep tools they own.

From Bobbin to Body - Spin to Wear

Sunday November 23rd 10-5

In this class you’ll walk out wearing your newly spun yarns!! We’ll talk about design concept and how to prepare your fibers for specific textures and techniques.  We’ll spin sculptural yarns, on wire and elastic- creating instant neckwear!  We’ll also spin a multi textured yarns, and layer plying techniques to create unique lariats and scarves. Not only are these yarns wearable as is, we’ll talk about integrating these spins into other wearable projects.

For folks joining us on both days of class, you'll spin up your prepped fibers from Saturday's class on Sunday! Students are encouraged to bring beads, feathers, sparkly stuff and other things they would like to include in their wearable creations. Students are encouraged to bring any fiber prep tools they own. Unusual add in’s, fiber and plying yarns will also be provided. Students should bring fiber/yarn/add in’s they’d like to use and some they would like to share with the group.


CANCELLATIONS: You may cancel upto 7 days before the class for a full refund. If you cancel later, we cannot issue a refund unless we are able to fill your spot from a waiting list, so consider putting your last cancel date on your calendar. If you’re unable to cancel in time for a refund, you can always send a friend in your place. If we must cancel a class, we will issue a refund.